Sunday Morning Meditation

This morning I read an old FB note I wrote a back in 2010. I thought it might be nice to post something similiar here today.

We like to go into to church with our Sunday morning faces on. We say good morning, God Bless you and “I’m doing fine”. The truth is some days we are and some days we aren’t. Sunday morning or not we have access to a loving Father that is more than able to speak to our condition, our dilemma’s, our questions and our needs.

One of my life scriptures is Ephesians 5:13 But everything that is exposed to the light becomes visible” Whats that mean? Well it doesn’t mean we bear our soul to the clerk behind the counter at the grocery store. But it does speak to our human tendency to hide what we don’t want to face and that our heavenly Father wants to be there for us (if we’ll let Him in). Jesus is a counselor and healer and He places people with those gifts in our lives too. Like a skilled therpist He can help us see what was been previously hidden from our understanding. Then He goes one step further to heal our tortured souls, broken hearts and shattered dreams.

So you may have some emotions brewing right under the surface just from reading this post. You may not want to look at the reason why because you don’t want to cry. Maybe your just uncomfortable with deep emotions. Maybe what you’re avoiding is really painful and your afraid that if you give into them you’ll end up feeling like cooked and drained spaghetti. I won’t lie,emotions can take a lot out of you. Feeling them can leave you exhausted. But not feeling them is worse.

Be gentle with yourself. Don’t force it. But don’t run away from your feelings. Instead Run to God. You might feel like cooked spaghetti for a while, but it’s worth it to go through the pain to the place of health and healing.

God, help us to bring it all into Your light where you can have your way in us.  Amen


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