airplane tripLast Friday I went to Florida to surprise my step father for his 80th birthday. The trip itself was great. My step dad was surprised by all the people who showed up to let him know how much he is loved! I was very happy I made the trip.

But getting there was another story. It wasn’t that we were delayed, had an extra layover or bad weather. It was the ride to the airport. My husband drove me to the airport at 4:30 in the morning. The road was under construction and had multiple traffic pattern changes. I wasn’t even driving but it was making me nervous because it was dark and everything seemed different. I even told my husband ” I don’t like this road and I’m never driving it alone again.” He just chuckled. A little while later, after we were through all the construction, he heard me sigh and asked what was wrong. I had to tell him the truth. My mind was running wild!

I imagined getting lost in the airport. Then security took me to a back room and strip searched me. And I ended up on the news. 

Even as I was saying it, I knew how silly it sounded. My husband was laughing and shaking his head. But I was taking a pill to calm myself down. It’s not like I have never gone to the airport before. But I never drove there in the dark. And I hope I never have to again! Sometimes ya just gotta laugh at yourself.



3 thoughts on “THE TRIP TO FLORIDA


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