Bio: Hi my name is Lisa Pinney. I’ve been a Christian for 34 years. I’m a wife, a mother of 2 children, and a grandmother. I’ve worked full time for years. It’s my mission field. If you look around, you’ll see them, the hurting ones. Those are the ones I want to be around. A few years ago I became one of those people. I hurt all over all the time. Nothing made sense. Thus the name “Falling Down the Rabbit Hole”. I started to shut down. I went into survival mode. No matter how hard I tried to find answers, it seemed there were none. The heavens were silent more often than not. If weren’t for my husband I would’ve given up. He kept me going when I wanted to quit. Then God moved and things began to slowly change. I began to slowly be restored. This blog is for those that have been through or are going through something that has changed their life and produced more questions than answers. It’s for the one whose questions don’t fit into the average Christian perception. Yet you’re holding on and hoping in God to still come to rescue you. Let me tell it’s worth the wait. It’s worth all the gut wrenching confusion and pain because He is faithful and He will come. I hope my story, while frank and honest, will be one that will speak to the parts of your soul that need answers.

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  1. Thank you for encouraging others to keep on fighting the good fight. I am honored that you are following my blog. I loved your recent blog. It is nice to know that people are out there spurring you on. You are right, sometimes listening is the only way to really help someone, just so they know that they are not alone. Glad to connect with you. Meghan

    • Thanks Renee! My only hope is for others to feel free in Christ by moving beyond the typical expected Christianese. I hope that doesnt offend you. It’s just that God took me through a long dark night to get to the authentic me. It was hard but it was worth it! God is more amazing to me today than before. But I hope I never have another dark night like that one again hahaha

  2. Hi Lisa. I posted a re-blog a bit ago from my more mystical blog. My name is Eric. I am Christian and I also love scientific perceptions and psychology. Dream interpretation, visions, spiritual experiences — and so on — seem unique and yet as you know from use of your talent, we all are perceiving a story that originates from a common universal experience — an agreement I think of it — be that mystical or scientific, if sincerely seeking Holy Spirit, we are led along toward knowledge. I believe that when we arrive [and that is always truly occurring in Christ-consciousness] that it will be in one moment an all-knowing experience and a final awakening to knowledge; knowledge of the dream but more importantly to knowledge of the connectivity of love. I hope that my second blog is one that you may see as a waking dream – because it is no way intended to be anything more than that.

    I haven’t communicated with you before, so I just wanted to clarify if possible what I am doing.

    Blessings…. I pray for God’s blessing for us all; every one of us.

    ~ Eric

    • Eric thank you for taking time to read my stuff. You’ve inspired me to post more on the subject! Looking forward to reading your blig as well. What’s the name of your other blog

  3. There’s always hope and I believe you proved that. 🙂
    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I have always appreciated readers who find time to extend support and encouragement. 🙂
    I will be back for more.
    Take care.


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