DREAM (300x196)Anyone who knows me knows I pay attention to my dreams. But one night not too long ago I had a dream of a different kind. It was a spiritual thing.

I became aware that I was trying to say something. “DAD” but nothing was really coming out. I could hear myself trying to say it over and over but still nothing would come out. I was in that state between being awake and asleep.  I didn’t know what was happening or why I was saying dad.  Then all of the sudden I saw a demon standing near my bed.  At that point I barely got the word dad out of my mouth but I managed to say it. The thing moved to the other side of the room. I said “dad” again a little louder the second time. Then  as fast as it came it was gone.

I had a similar experience years before. So once it happens you don’t forget. I know it would be easier to dismiss it as a dream, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t a dream back then and it wasn’t one now. I know a lot of people will disagree with me. We live in a spiritual world as well as a real world. Like it or not.

I learned something interesting. I learned that God knew I was calling on Him and He honored it. Why was I saying dad???  I was calling on my heavenly Father to protect and defend me. I did it instinctively. If I were fully awake I probably would’ve called out the name of Jesus. But I was in that in between state and God honored it!!.

It makes me wonder how many other  lessons there are yet to be learned. Calling out “dad” instead of using the name of Jesus  and having His help in the moment I needed Him is certainly something I won’t forget. It tells me how unconcerned Jesus is with our correctness. He’s much more concerned about us than being called by a particular name. He is true to His word, His character and His promises.




deepwaterIsaiah 43:2 says “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you”. When I think about this scripture I think of The Pool of Tears in Alice in Wonderland. Alice had so many sudden changes all in one day. She was small then she was tall. She was in a new place where everything was unfamiliar and when she spoke the words weren’t coming out right. It was so frustrating she cried. She cried so much that she made a pool of tears that she found herself swimming in. Life can be like that at times too.
When you think about it, all of us take our turn passing through deep waters. They come in the form of trials, losses, divorce, death, chronic illness, loneliness and the list goes on. The world we live in today it complicated and for some it’s very difficult. Sometimes it goes on for a long, long time and we start to change because of it. We lose heart or experience mounting anxiety or just lose interest in things we used to enjoy. In one breath we say we’re ok and we’re trusting God. But maybe like me, who in my secret thoughts had doubts life would ever get better or that I would feel good again. Heck, I would’ve settled for a feeling normal again! I’m just telling the truth.
I once read a Facebook post that said anxiety comes from being strong for far too long. That made so much sense to me. But that wasn’t enough to eradicate the dread and anxiety I was living with. I’d like to say that when my eyes fell on Isaiah 43 it did something inside me immediately. But it didn’t. I’d like to say I started to breathe deeply again. But I couldn’t. It was during this long dark night that my husband was God’s arms of love and care extended toward me. My husband was like God with skin on. He stayed with me through it all. When I went through the waters, Terry was with me to help me hang on. He’s my hero!
As I reflect on this passage I can see all the many ways God shows up in the storms of life. Sometimes it’s a scripture, sometimes it’s His manifest presence, sometimes it’s a friend or in my case my best friend. I’m learning to be open to all the ways God is with us not just the familiar